About us

I’m Paula, the owner of The London Lolly Shop.

I bought the store on July 13th 2015 when life took the previous owners in a new direction. I was introduced to the store by Lindsey Holcombe a Business Broker for Clyth Macleod. I was looking for an opportunity to be my own boss, and immediately fell in love with the store and its concept. I mean – who doesn’t want to bring a little bit of joy to people!

Walking into the store with its bright, clean, crisp colours was a sensory delight. Sweets in jars reminding me of an old fashioned lolly shop, but with well presented bags of goodies underneath bring it to the modern, hygienic age.

Looking around brought back fond memories of living in England as a kid. Sherbet Fountains reminding me of visits from my Nan, sweets in the shape of dentures, skulls and bones, and lollies that taste like beer all reminding me of that zany British humour. I’d love to share that sense of fun with you, whether it be in store, or online. So I invite you to come and browse, and if in store met my friendly staff (and me!) and maybe try a sample or two.