Maynard's Midget Gems

Maynard's Midget Gems

Weight in grams: 100
Mixed Fruit

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Midget Gems are chewy, firm sweets similar to wine gums but much harder.

Dietary Information

May contain nuts.


Midget Gems are manufactured from glucose syrup, sugar, and animal gelatin, mixed with colourings and flavouring.

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Product Description


Midget Gems were extremely popular in the North of England and were one of The Lion Confectionery Company's biggest selling brands. In 1995 the company joined forces with Cadbury Trebor Bassett brand Maynard's to market the sweet across the country. At the time the sweet was re-branded under the Maynard's banner, the black Midget Gems were changed from liquorice flavour to blackcurrant, but only in the bagged product. Those sold loose, from jars and boxes, remain liquorice.


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